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Unformatted text preview: Case Study Case An existing mainframe application created An using DB2 and COBOL needs to share processes and data with a custom distributed object system running on Linux and Peoplesoft running on NT running The mainframe application is older and does The not have proper application interface and also does not have the skill set for development does Case Study Case Instead of creating an application interface or moving Instead information at the data level, EAI architect can exploit the user Interface-Level EAI Interface-Level This approach should able to extract both application data and This business information from COBOL/DB2 system exposed by the user Interface the This requires in defining how to get to the appropriate screen, This locating the correcting information on the screen, reading the information from the screens and finally processing the information information Require an automated system to validate the actual user, Require navigating through screens, reading screen into memory where information is parsed, reformatted, and transported to middleware layer where it ultimately sent to the target system middleware It should have the capabilities to handle the error and recover It from the inevitable problems such as system or network Case Study Case Creating new interface, the existing mainframe system will Creating have to undergo a small to medium re-architecture effort, redevelopment to add the application interface, redeployment and testing the system an...
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