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Unformatted text preview: shared across Rules multiple application, corporate are setting up special servers known as Rule Server special These servers are accessible by a number of These applications and provide infrastructure for centralized rule processing centralized Logic Logic Logic is simply the sequence of instructions in Logic a program i.e., if one button pressed then the screen pops up. Rule define the business restraints restraints There are three classes of Logic Sequential Processing Selection Iteration Logic Logic Sequential Processing Selection Is the series of steps in the actual data processing. Is Input, Output, Calculation and move are instructions used in sequential processing instructions Is the decision –making within the program, Is performed by comparing two sets of data and branching to different parts of the program branching Iteration Is the repetition of a series of steps. It is Is accomplished with DO-LOOP, FOR-LOOP etc accomplished Data and Objects Data Data It is nothing but sharing information between It enterprise applications and computers or humans. enterprise Example – Reporting system, Accounting system, Example HRM system share d...
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