lecture 10 - exam hints

lecture 10 - exam hints - ± What is normal and what are...

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1 CHIR882 Patient Management Revision Dr. Curtis Rigney Chiropractor Macquarie University 2 First of all… ± Thank you for the effort you put into this Unit ± I hope you founded it to be of some value ± My parting words to you… Believe in yourself and relax knowing you can do it! 3 The Examination ± Monday the 27 th of November at 9:20 ± Two hour exam with 10 minutes reading time ± Number of questions: 60 ± Type of questions: 59 Multiple choice; 1 true/false ± Value: 1 mark each, 60 total 4 The following is a guide 5 How to Study for the Exam ± The exam starts with McKenzie’s principles ± What is unique ± Advantages/Disadvantages ± Consider differentiation ± Assessment ± Etiology ± Treatment 6 Respiration ± Do you remember the Silverstolpe phenomenon? ± What are the many components involved? ± What are the biomechanics involved? ± How do you assess and treat?
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Unformatted text preview: ± What is normal and what are common faults? 2 7 Exercise Science ± Understand the SAID principle and its ramifications ± Understand the Force-Velocity curve (meaning) ± Understand the different types of training 8 1 Question on Trigger Points It’s not about a specific trigger point and it’s referral zone. 9 Spinal Stabilization ± Understand the tracks ± What do they target ± How do they progress intrinsically and extrinsically ± How to they relate to the assessment? ± How do specific conditions relate? ± Panjabi’s model ± Management issues (compliance, outcomes) 10 Gait ± Relate gait to lower extremity function (biomechanics) 11 SMS ± Principles ± Protocol 12 Remember… ± Breathe ± Relax ± Let the information flow from your...
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lecture 10 - exam hints - ± What is normal and what are...

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