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Linux Assignment 2 - o echo{con,pre{sent,fer{s,ed o...

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Linux Assignment –2 1. Log on a Linux machine Enter your login (user name) and password at relevant prompts. 2. Enter these commands at the UNIX prompt, and try to interpret the output. o echo hello world o passwd o date o hostname o arch o uname -a o dmesg | more (you may need to press q to quit) o uptime o who am i o who o id o last o finger o w o top (you may need to press q to quit) o echo $SHELL
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Unformatted text preview: o echo {con,pre}{sent,fer}{s,ed} o man "automatic door" o man ls (you may need to press q to quit) o man who (you may need to press q to quit) o lost o clear o cal 2000 o cal 9 1752 o bc -l (type quit or press Ctrl-d to quit) o echo 5+4 | bc -l o yes please (you may need to press Ctrl-c to quit) o time sleep 5 o history...
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