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Unformatted text preview: Software Maintenance and Business Process Identification Business Presented by Ankit Agarwal Anvay Sule Mathew Manjuran S.Neeru Scope of project Scope The aim of the project was: To add functionalities to the existing software To in view of the growing market demand in To see that the product developed follows To quality standards quality To identify the processes followed in Seacom Overview of Retail Overview of Retail The retail industry involves the sale of new or used goods to final consumers for personal or household consumption. Major Technologies in Retail POS: - Covers the billing activities at store and interfaces with the Back Office system to get all item, promotion and related details. Back Office Management: - Used to create all the masters and set the parameters for store operations. Head Office Management: - Set the policies for store management. Price changes, Vendor Management, Promotions Management and other related activities are handled through the Head Office module. Warehousing and Distribution management: - Manages the sourcing and distribution part in the value chain of the retailer. Warehouse module is required to be connected with the store and head office for real time data transfers. be CRM: - Increasingly gaining importance among all the retailers. Manages the Loyalty Cards, Records the customer complaints and suggestions, Track the points earned and redeemed from a customer, creates customer profiles and reflects on the purchase behavior of the customer. Seacom Solutions Seacom Solutions Seacom has been providing retail consultancy & solutions to clients in Seacom India & abroad since 1997. Started with RPG group Products: SmartShop Enterprise is a complete retail solution for small and medium SmartShop retailers retailers Key Features: Key POS: takes care of all front office needs like customer invoicing and check takes out, barcode scanning, multi-payment-mode tendering, promotions implementation implementation BO: provides the back end support for the application HQ: performs the basic operations of setting up the business unit, creating HQ: shops / branches and warehouses, Promotion Manager Promotion Manager Assists in creating and managing promotions to increase the customer turn out. The role of Promotion Manager involves four main tasks: Viewing/searching existing promotions Adding new promotions Editing existing promotions Deleting promotions Viewing existing promotions Viewing The existing promotions can be searched on the basis The of various parameters like Promotion type, Offer Type etc. Type Adding new Promotions Adding new Promotions The Master Information tab includes the details of the promotions which are maintained in Promotion Master The Date and Time tab mention the parameters that control the running of the promotions for example­duration of the promotion The Qualification tab specify the conditions under which a customer can avail a promotion . The Offer tab describes the various types of promotions Editing and Deleting Promotions Editing and Deleting Promotions Select the promotion which you want to edit or delete and accordingly click on the appropriate button The Edit option will display a window with the details of the promotion which can be modified. Stock Maintenance Stock Maintenance Main process is Stock Take Stock Take is used to compare physical stock quantity and available stock quantity as recorded in the software. This module allows you to identify discrepancies or surplus in your stock. Viewing existing batches Viewing existing batches Creating New batches Creating New batches Editing existing batches Editing existing batches The batch Number cannot be edited Items can be removed from the existing batches Actual quantity can be entered in case of discrepancy Viewing Reports Viewing Reports Keyboard Setup Keyboard Setup Touch Screen Keyboard which can be turned On/Off Function Keys are mapped to the modules needed for the various actions at POS Suggestive Selling Suggestive Selling This feature enables selling of alternate products in case of stock out. Quality Standards Quality Standards Ensure the product developed follows the development standards It includes: Readability of code Naming convention Indents and spacing Looping structures Comments Checking for bugs/errors Resource management Maintainability Business Process at Seacom Business Process at Seacom Waterfall Model is followed for product development. Main phases: Market Research Research and Development System Modeling Software Analysis Requirement System Requirement specification Code generation Testing Maintenance Thank you ...
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