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Sales Support: Computer-Aided Selling Purpose The Sales Support component provides a wide range of functions for opportunity management. It helps your sales and marketing department to support your existing customers and, at the same time, to develop new business. Within the Sales Support environment, all sales personnel in the field and in the office can share valuable information about customers, sales prospects, competitors and their products, and contact people. The Sales Support component is: a source of information for all areas of Sales and Distribution a tool for lead generation, lead qualification, and lead tracking Sales Purpose Sales allows you to execute different business transactions based on sales documents defined in the system. Four groups of sales documents are differentiated: Customer inquiries and quotations Sales orders Outline agreements, such as contracts and scheduling agreements Complaints, such as free of charge deliveries, credit and debit memo requests and returns Shipping Transportation Purpose Transportation is an essential element in the logistics chain. It affects both incoming and outgoing goods. Effective transportation planning and processing ensure that shipments are dispatched without delay and arrive on schedule. Transportation costs play an essential role in the calculation of the price of a product. It is important to keep these
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SD_handout - Sales Support: Computer-Aided Selling Purpose...

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