Psyc Notes Chapter 4

Psyc Notes Chapter 4 - Chapter 4 Prenatal development...

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Chapter 4 February 23, 2011 Prenatal development Conception o 2 Cells = 36 hours o 4 Cells =48 hours o 16 Cells = 3 Days o 120 Cells = 4-5 after Conception o Three signs of fertility Temperature Basal Body Temperature Get up from out of bed Really consistent Ovulation Temperature Increasing ovulating Trying to get pregnant or a year before a doctor visit Women who are obese can stop ovulating/ releasing eggs Women 15%-18% body fat Discharge Every uterus has a discharge Sticky, chalk = not ovulating Liquidy, smooth =good Cervix During ovulation, the Cervix is close to the Uterus During ovulation, clear skins, hair luxurious and boobs swell.
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Example) touching nose – non fertile ovulation Example) touching mouth – Types of Sperms Female Sperm – Resilient Male Sperm – Swims faster Protein Sperms o Spread for protein Impregnating Sperm Defender Sperm o Aggressive Prenatal Development Germinal( Zygote; conception – 3 rd week) o 60% of all natural conceptions fail to implant o 70% of in vitro attempts fail to implant o 25-30% of fertility treated pregnancies results in multiple births Embryonic( Embryo; 3 rd week – 8 th week) o 20% of all embryos are spontaneously aborted o Neural Tube developed ( CNS) o 4 th week head, facial features, and first signs of cardiovascular functioning o 8 th week all basic organs have formed, except sex organs Fetal ( Fetus; 9 th week – birth) o Sex Organs developed, SRY signal sent to males
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Psyc Notes Chapter 4 - Chapter 4 Prenatal development...

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