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Richmond Ignacio May 9, 2011 Revise Draft Essay #2 English 123 New Doors through a New Language Learning a new language can be as difficult as moving from your hometown to a new country, but adapting in a new environment is just as difficult. All native people moving from their country to the United States have one thing in common: they don’t speak fluent English. The biggest problem I had when I came to the United States at age three was my lack of ability to speak and understand English. It was very difficult to read, speak and write English, but in the end it benefitted me in every aspect of my life. As a kid, I was not concerned about speaking fluent English and comprehending the ideas behind each book that I’ve read. When I first arrived to America, my parents did not enroll me in preschool and kindergarten in New Jersey. Instead of a typical kid going to school, I got home schooled during my 1 st grade year. It was a difficult experience because my parents barely knew English. They had to explain everything to me in Tagalog, my native language. My parents were not comfortable letting me go to a public school in New Jersey. However, a year later, they decided to let me go to a school called Village Elementary School because they believed it was the right thing to do. They wanted me to associate with other American students and interact with them. My first day at Village Elementary School was when I realized I was in need of learning more English. I remember the day that my second grade teacher, Mrs. Larkin, introduced me to everyone to the classroom and to the ESL (English as a Second Language) instructor. I was quiet 1 | P a g e
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the whole time because I did not know any English. Every time they would ask me question, I just shook my head and grinned. Instead of being in the normal classroom with American students, I spent the day with my ESL instructor. I wasn’t alone, there were at least twenty other newcomers that needed to learn English. She taught me the simplest word such as, “cat” or “dog.” The months progressed and instead of reading pictures books, I read a book out loud to my instructor every single day. After reading sections of the book each day, I would have to explain what I’ve just read and talk to her about it, which helped me understand the book a lot better. As much as I hate reading, it really helps me understand the idea of the book after talking
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ENGLISH123 ESSAY 1 REVISE - Richmond Ignacio May 9 2011...

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