English 104 assignments

English 104 assignments - Samson Hsieh August 24th 2011...

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Samson Hsieh August 24 th , 2011 English 104 Georgia Gero Myself the Writer Having the written text is truly a gift from the gods. The written language allows us to not only show our emotions through ink, but also to let us travel back in time. We can relive the era where our ancestors lived, we can see through the eyes of others, we can build connections, and much more. Whether it is fiction or nonfiction, in order to be a successful writer, one must open up his or her mind to a world beyond reality and look pass all the negative things around us. Ever since elementary school, I’ve developed the habit to write creatively by using my mind as a helpful tool. I would say I have to thank my fifth grade teacher, Ms. Chagaris, for that. My entire year of fifth grade, writing a journal entry with a minimum of 1 page per day was required. Every morning after writing our journal entry, she would want us to read to it out loud to the class. I remember that being my favorite thing to do, simply because I love to write humorous things about people that I knew, for example, classmates, friends and sometimes my own home room teacher, Ms. Chagaris. I was always cautious about the things I write, hoping to not offend or target anyone unintentionally. Nonetheless, feelings were sometimes hurt by the funny names I called them in
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English 104 assignments - Samson Hsieh August 24th 2011...

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