English 104 assingment 3

English 104 assingment 3 - healthy and normal like everyone...

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Samson Hsieh English 104 Our Friend Nu Nu (a.k.a. Dejae) One of the most important things about our friend Nu Nu is that she was a premature baby, born at 1 pound. It is a miracle how she had survived, but if she hadn’t we wouldn’t know her today as the fun, talkative, and caring person that she is. She turned out to be just fine,
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Unformatted text preview: healthy and normal like everyone else. Although, sometimes Nu Nu can talk too much, but that is just her way of saying “I want to fit in”. When someone truly takes the time to get to know Nu Nu, she truly is an amazing person and a friend. Thank the lord that she is with us today!...
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