Hw10_su08 - body capacitance(CBD are 0.4 fF and 1.0 fF respectively Make sure you choose proper bias supplies Using the AC sweep feature in Pspice

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ECE 442 Electronic Circuits Homework 10 Due Tuesday July 22, 2008 1. Using Pspice design a cascode amplifier with MOS transistors and a simple current mirror. For the MOS process use KP(nmos) = KP (pmos) = 270 μ A/V 2 , V tn =-V tp =0.7 V. The gate-drain overlap capacitance (CGDO) and effective drain-
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Unformatted text preview: body capacitance (CBD) are 0.4 fF and 1.0 fF, respectively. Make sure you choose proper bias supplies. Using the AC sweep feature in Pspice, determine the 3-dB bandwidth of the amplifier....
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