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Paper #1 - Eng 107 MW 12:55pm-1:45pm The First time I went...

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Eng 107 MW 12:55pm-1:45pm The First time I went to camp Six years ago, when I was still in Macau. I studied at a school called Chan Sui Ki Perpetual Help College. For my school's tradition, it holds a camp for us 6 th grade students and we all would go to the camp for two days and one night. The reason that we are having this camp is because we were all going to graduate from elementary school soon and going to become high school students. So this is like a senior trip that will give us more time to hang out with each other, and all of us had been waiting for this trip since 4 th or 5 th grade. As the camp day drew nearer, we got more excited about the trip, because this camp was almost everyone's first time going to a camp. We all wanted to know who our roommates would be in the camp, but our teachers never told us. She said that she would keep it as a secret until we were in the camp, and this made us more excited. I was so excited about this camp, because I knew this camp would be the only camp that all my classmates would go to as a together, and some of them I would not see them again in my life after graduation, because not everyone of us would go to the same high school. My goal for this camp was to enjoy every moment in it, have a lot of fun with my class, would not have any regrets after. The night before the camp, when my mom and I were packing for tomorrow's camp, my mom gave me a big surprise. She gave me a cell phone, at that time I was so happy and could not give her any responses back because this is the first cell phone of my life. The reason she gave me a cell phone is to let me keep in touch with her while I was in the camp. That night I could not go to bed till 3 o'clock in the morning, I was not only so happy about
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This note was uploaded on 09/07/2011 for the course ENG 108 taught by Professor Sands during the Spring '11 term at ASU.

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Paper #1 - Eng 107 MW 12:55pm-1:45pm The First time I went...

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