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Paper #2 - ENG 107 MW 12:55pm-1:45pm A special software...

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ENG 107 MW 12:55pm-1:45pm A special software development manager What does a software development manager do? Every software product has at least one software development manager to design UIs (User Interface), writing functional specs, coordinate teams and serve as the customer advocate. On small products, there is only one program manager, but on larger products, there would probably have more than one. Each can be responsible for some subset of the features. A good rule of thumb is that it takes about one program manager for every four programmers. My uncle is a software development manager. He went to United State and studied in University of Texas, Austin when he was 20 years old. After he graduated, he got hired to study for a master degree in ASU. He met his wife 9 years ago in his church and they got married in 2002. He has two sons, one is 6 year old and the other one is only 5 months old. When I go to his house on weekends, I will see him either playing with his sons or watching TV with his wife. But when I go to his house on weekday, I will see a thin guy with some gray hairs working hard in front of his computer and talking on his cell phone to make audio conferences. When I asked him, “Why do you work at home?” He said, “ I need to take care of my sons.” At that moment, I saw a smile on his face when he talked about his sons. This smile let me knows that he loves his sons very much and he is very happy that he has two sons. Although his older son could take the school bus to school, my uncle would rather drives him to school than let him takes the school bus. He also can put his younger son in day care, but he doesn’t do that. He hires a nanny to come to his house to take care of his baby. Everything he does is to keep a close relationship with his sons and provide a better environment for them to grow up.
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He also said, “ Although working at home will give me a longer working time, I also can save some time from driving and traffic. Because my office is on Camelback, so it will take me more than an hour to drive from Chandler to Camelback and this will waste my time.” Every morning, he has to wake up early and get ready to take his elder son to school. After that he will drive back home and start working. When he comes back
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Paper #2 - ENG 107 MW 12:55pm-1:45pm A special software...

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