GCU 102 Exam 3

GCU 102 Exam 3 - 1 2 3 4 5 Discuss the notion of core and...

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1. Discuss the notion of core and periphery as it relates to development 2. Discuss the relationships between geography, development, and health 3. Explain the geographical distribution of HIV 4. Compare and contrast at least two formal models of urban geography 5. Discuss the role of human geography in determining at least two problems facing cities 1. The core-periphery model has been used to explain both national and international differences in economic development. There are four stages in core-periphery model. Stage 1 (Pre-industrial). The pre-industrial (agricultural) society, with localized economies and a small scale settlement structure. Each element is fairly isolated, dispersed and characterized by low mobility. Stage 2 (Transitional). The concentration of the economy in the core begins as a result of capital accumulation and industrial growth. The specific reasons behind this concentration are not too clear, location (better access) being a significant factor, but the fact remains that a dominant center emerges within an urban system to become its growth pole. Trade and mobility increase, but within a pattern dominated by the core even if overall mobility remains low. Among the numerous examples of such a phase is the early industrialization of Great Britain in the late 18th century or the beginning of the colonial incorporation of regions in Latin America, Africa or Asia. Stage 3 (Industrial). Through a process or economic growth and diffusion other growth centers appear. The main reasons for deconcentration are increasing production costs (mainly labor and land) in the core area. This diffusion is linked with increased interactions between elements of the urban
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GCU 102 Exam 3 - 1 2 3 4 5 Discuss the notion of core and...

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