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HW1 - Writing is one of the most effective ways to help me...

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Writing is one of the most effective ways to help me to study for my test. I still remembered when I was at high school and studied for a U.S. history test. My teacher gave me a study guide with a lot of questions in it and I had to complete the paper and memorized all the questions before the test. So I looked over all my notes and found out all the answers for those questions and got a pretty good grade on the test. During the finding answers process, I had to write down all the important information that would fit in for the questions. When I was writing down the information, I was not just copied it direct from my notes, I was also summarizing them. This helped me a lot when I started memorizing the answers. Because all the answers were coming from my own words, and my brain still remembered some of the words that I wrote which made my study time a lot shorter. In this test, I also had to memorize all the names and order of the U.S. presidents. For me as an international student, it was very hard to memorize the
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