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1. The issue in this argument is “Many adults have begun to complain that, with the proliferation of instant messages and texting, students are losing the ability to write correctly. The writer does not think that texting will lose student’s ability to write correctly. This argument is controversial and arguable, because there are students that lose the ability to write correctly when they text too much but some don’t. In the beginning, the writer gave some statistic that there are lot of people texting in U.S. to inform the readers about the issue’s importance and arouse their concern. The writer gave lot of statistic, examples and quotations in this essay. At first, the writer wrote the disadvantage of texting and then gave examples and statistics that student who text actually writes better those who don’t text. 2. In paragraph 5, the writer wrote about the 30 percent that students who text have used apostrophes correctly in their messages in his favorite. Because there are also 70
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