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The issue in the argument is energy drinks have high levels of caffeine (which aren’t mentioned on the labels) and caffeine abuse in teenagers. The audience for this essay is teenagers and energy drink companies. On this issue, the writer’s position is that energy drink should indicate the amount of caffeine on the labels and teenagers should not drink too much energy drinks. I think this issue is arguable, because this issue has statistics that said high levels of caffeine could be harmful to human body because caffeine can keep people even they are tired on the pro side and on the con side the factory said energy drinks could be part of a balanced lifestyle when consumed sensibly. In the first paragraph, the writer used the study Drug and Alcohol Dependence and present that caffeine is a stimulant that is able to freely diffuse into the brain and temporarily increase alertness to bring the importance that energy drink could be harmful for people. The writer first used statistic to bring the importance of
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