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ASU 101 HW 4 The most significant change between high school and college is student has more freedom. In college, no one will tell student what to do, make student to do things and remind them to do things. As an engineering student and to be successful in college, they need to know time management skills. Because time is the most precious commodity, we cannot create more of it and we cannot save it up and use it later. All we can do is learn to use time as effectively as possible.First, we have to know our three main priorities: commitments, study time and entertainment, leisure and recreation. And then we can make a schedule, which divide into to long term, short term and weekly planner. Last thing is to make a list which is a great way of ensuring that you accomplish what you need to accomplish. Most of the engineering course are cumulative, therefore engineering student have to perform well on every course, because the course that they have later will developed from the previous courses that they had. For them to have good performance in class, they have to
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