Life Cycle Nutrition.

Life Cycle Nutrition. - FDNS 2100 Human Nutrition and Food...

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FDNS 2100 Lee Human Nutrition and Food Life Cycle Nutrition: Mother and Child 1. Infant Mortality Decline in the 20th Century World:44.13 1. Monaco 46. U.S. 6.14 1. The nutrient demands of pregnancy are extraordinary- Be prepared for pregnancy 1) The woman who is pregnant, or who soon will be, must understand that her nutrition is critical to the health of her future child throughout life 2) Fathers-to-be are also wise to examine their eating and lifestyle 2. The events of pregnancy 3. Growth and Development during Pregnancy 1) Placenta-an active metabolic organ with many responsibilities 2) Fetal Growth and Development - zygote : first 2 weeks - embryo : weeks 2-8 - fetus : 8 weeks to birth 3) At 8 weeks, the fetus has - A complete central nervous system - A beating heart - A fully formed digestive system - Well-defined fingers and toes - The beginnings of facial features 4) Gestation lasts approximately 40 weeks and ends with the birth of the infant 5) The 40 or so weeks of pregnancy are divided into thirds - Each of which is called a trimester 6) The Events of Pregnancy- Critical Periods - Each organ and tissue type grows with its own characteristic pattern and timing 2. Whatever nutrients and environmental conditions are necessary during this period must be supplied on time if the organ is to reach its full potential 3. If the dvlpment of an organ is limited during a critical period it is impossible 4. Increased Need for Nutrients 1) Energy and energy yielding nutrients - Energy needs vary with the progression of pregnancy - Carbohydrate is necessary to fuel the fetal brain and spare the protein needed for
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Life Cycle Nutrition. - FDNS 2100 Human Nutrition and Food...

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