1st BIOL test review

1st BIOL test review - Biology- Test #1 Chapter 1 1....

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Biology- Test #1 Chapter 1 1. Describe life’s hierarchy of organization Largest to smallest: biosphere, ecosystem, community, population, organism, organ system, organ, tissue, cell, organelle, molecule, and atom 2. Describe living organisms interactions with their environments Producers (provide food for the environment), consumers (eat plants and other animals), and decomposers (digest nutrients from organic material and convert them into inorganic forms) 3. Describe the difference between types of cells Cycling of chemical nutrients (aka Carbon cycling) Flow of energy 4. Explain how the theory of evolution accounts for the unity and the diversity of life All organisms have these things in common: genetic information, order, regulation, growth & development, energy utilization, response to stimulus, ability to reproduce, ability to evolve. 5. Distinguish between discovery science and hypothesis-based science Chapter 2 1. Describe how chemical elements relate to matter All matter is made up of one element or elements that are combined. 2.
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1st BIOL test review - Biology- Test #1 Chapter 1 1....

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