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Copy of HMB265 Final 2002 008 - In the table beside the...

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Unformatted text preview: In the table beside the deletion maps, the (+) indicates that the patient has the disorder, and (-) indicates that the patient lacks the disorder. The deletion maps have been divided up into regions I - VI as indicated. Based on the maps, the DMD gene most Iikely maps to which region? . I II 2am /—\ a) I] d) III or [V e) N or v 30. In a diploid organism (21: = 6), and there are two long, two intermediate and two short chromosomes. What is the most accurate representation of a gamete resulting from meiosis in this organism? 0 represents the centromere. 3.: N w .33“. \-..___.. r—H _____. “""-"'~=—'_;' Aprii 30, 2002 Page 9 of 14 ...
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