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HMB265 Final 2003 006 - @n an autotetraploid the genes A/a...

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Unformatted text preview: @n an autotetraploid the genes A/a and B/b are closely linked on either side of the ntromere. If a plant of the constitutionA B/A [Va (2 /a b is selfed, and the chromosomes pair as bivalents, what proportion of progeny will he rt b / a b /a b /a b? a) 9:. b) 1/16 c) 1/36 d) 1/256 e) 1/1296 26. in an animal bearing the heterozygous inversion ABCDE - F GE! / ABGF - EDCHI, in one meiocyte a crossover occurred between the D and E loci and another crossover occurred between the F and G loci. (Note: the ”dot" denotes the centromere.) The two crossovers involved the same two chromatids. What will be the proportion of abnormal meiotic products from that meiosis? ' ' a) 0% b) 25% c) 50% d) 100% e) Depends on the size of the DE and FwG regions 27. A wild-type chromosome can be represented as ABC - DEFGH, and from this a chromosomal aberration arises that can be represented ABC - DEGFH. (Note: the "dot" denotes the centromere.) This is known as a a) deletion b) translocation c) duplication d) pericehtric inversion e} paracentric inversion 28. A pure line ofplants of genotype a/a ,' b/h ; c/c ,' (MI; e/e (all recessive to wild type) was crossed to a wild type. One F. individual expressed the recessive alleles dand 9. This individual arose from a) gene mutation in wild type parent b) deletion in the wild type c) deletion in the quadruple mutant (1) reversion in the quadruple mutant e) position effect variegation Page 7 of 18 ...
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