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Chapter 17 Minicase 1 a. Kevin did several things wrong. Most importantly he made the assumption that the users would understand the system the same way that he does. There wasn’t consistency across screens such as using the same function keys throughout the application. Kevin apparently did not have users help design some needs that would assist them in doing their input functions such as fields and default inputs that would be better for getting data incorrectly. He also made a lot of assumptions that users would read each screen carefully and would know without additional assistance what kind of input formats would be required based on input error checking. Also in his effort to point out information on screens he added too much clutter and distractions that made them more difficult to use. Other things that analysts can make mistakes on when designing a user interface is not understanding a
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Unformatted text preview: novice level of ability, disrupting the user with unneeded pop-ups, confusing directions, adding unneeded sounds, having floating windows pop-up over important information and spelling errors. b. These mistakes could have been avoided by getting some user acceptance testing prior to release. It would also have been better to think about the application from the end user point of view and not your own. The end user should play an important role in the interface design. They can give suggestions on how to improve the current system to make the new system better. The end users will no more about the business perspective of what a system needs to do to be efficient and they can provide a lot of useful information on the preferred or default information required on the input interface....
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