Chapter 14 to 16 minicases - Chapter 14 M inicase 2 M...

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Chapter 14 Minicase 2 Minicase 6 a. Precious Jewels was looking for the quick and easy way to get their technology systems up and running. They did not train their employees on how to maintain the systems and they hired a staff to build the database that probably didn’t have a full listing of requirements and possibly didn’t do any research with the company to find out current and future needs. The original database was not created with the ability for expansion so it would have to be rewritten completely to allow for the additional fields. b. Until you know the current status of the system, it isn’t possible to make improvements. They didn’t hire a systems architect that could research into what the company needed for the business use. Doing this would have put together a system based on current needs and future growth. Knowing that future reports might be needed, there could have been additional planning for ad-hoc report writing with system documentation on how to add to the system. c. The original consultants may only be concerned with current deliverables. They may also
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Chapter 14 to 16 minicases - Chapter 14 M inicase 2 M...

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