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Episode 8 - inputs to each process and what are the...

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Episode 8 1. The study of data can help to identify process because the data flows through the system interacting with processes along the way. Following the data around the system will assist in identifying the processes as well as any inputs and outputs of the processes. 2. Sandra and Bob are trying to draw the picture event response or use-case list. This is because they want to identify and confirm the business events to which the system must respond too. 3. Event discovery will benefit system design and programming by helping determine how to decompose the system into the processes. This will help with determining what the
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Unformatted text preview: inputs to each process and what are the expected outputs to the process. 4. Events that might be missed would could events that are triggered automatically by temporal conditions. Also events that are dictated by policies might be missed as well. 5. Create event – New membership. Update event – Subscription renewal of a member. Delete members event – Member contract cancellation post contract fulfillment or member cancellation due to inability to fulfill contract....
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