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1. At a minimum, each product should have their own database table. Because each product is a separate item with multiple types that could describe them, it should be broken down to the most possible extreme in order to keep errors out of the structure. This will help to avoid duplication of data. The product types will need to be broke down further to show types of media, types of material and other formats for breaking it down to its lowest level. There were several concerns of those involved. First there was the need for reporting sales. Second the need to have products broken down to the point where it showed everything from title to the advisory. Third there was a concern of implementation of the upcoming universal product codes and how they would be implemented to the database. 2. For the issue of categories and media having different values for different types of products, there should be a separate table for each type of product under another table for the titles. Because titles such as Jurassic Park as mentioned having several categories of media including audio,
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