Assignment1c - Mini Case#1 Dorothy will need to meet with...

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Mini Case #1 Dorothy will need to meet with both Kevin and Lloyd individually to allow them to explain why they believe their approach is better. She then needs to meet with both of them together to explain that her purpose is to standardize the systems analysis for the company. The process of implementing a solution she needs to have is the more modern system of the iterative process. This will allow for at least a partially useable system that can be tested and implemented a piece at a time. In this way, system users won’t have to wait so long for a solution. Mini-case 2 While it may seem easier for the business management to have direct control over the systems analyst’s, this will eventually lead to problems. A positive of assigning a systems analyst to a department would be that they would better learn the processes of that business group. However, having a pool of resources will save the company money because all the developers using the same methodologies will allow them to move between business groups to be better utilized. There will be times that groups will have less need for an analyst while other groups have more needs. Having an analyst focus on one area will take them “out of the loop” of the others and there will be less resources available when more are needed. Additionally, having systems analysts assigned to business departments will create duplication of effort which will also add to the bureaucracy of the company and make it less efficient. Mini-case 4 a) Ten principles 1) Gene essentially blocked this by telling Valerie that her team was not to waste time by going to the users of the system. Larry knowing that should have gotten more involved in this part. 2) Neither Larry nor Valerie looked at any solution except for developing an in-house developed
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Assignment1c - Mini Case#1 Dorothy will need to meet with...

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