Assignment1b - C hapter 1 2 C lerical and Service workers...

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Chapter 1 2) Clerical and Service workers. Warehouse worker processes transaction in an inventory database– Manages inventory and is a customer that needs an application for inventory management. Customer service representatives process transactions in a CRM – They take orders over the phone and e-mail and input them into the order database and are a customer who needs accurate call flow information. Delivery driver processes transactions by being the final part of getting the goods to the customer – they load vehicles and convey them to another point which could be a customer or vendor and need accurate location information of where to deliver items. Technical and Professional staff – Accountants are responsible for inputting financial data into a database and they need timely information to make decisions on orders placed and payments received. Market analysts are responsible for determining the best way of advertising the company’s products and are a client that needs up to date marketing data. A lawyer is responsible for researching data and makes decisions based on data. They are customers that rely on large volumes of information that are easily searchable. Supervisor’s, middle managers and executive managers – Office Manager’s are responsible for the day to day operations of office workers. They are clients that need a system to manage work schedules and are concerned with short-term issues. A CIO is responsible for long term plans for the IT of an organization. They are a client that depends on the systems
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to be operational 24x7x365. A Help Desk Manager is responsible for making sure all the calls coming in are being answered and information is being accurately recorded into a help desk database. They are a client that requires the ability to report on information in the
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Assignment1b - C hapter 1 2 C lerical and Service workers...

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