5.17 - Bobm 38994kesk039 25-Sep-09 16995 Janef 38994kesk038...

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CAR Serial_no Model Manufacturer Price 38994kesk039 Escort Ford 15235 38994kesk038 Taurus Ford 17592 38994kesk037 Escape Ford 18987 38994kesk036 Escape Ford 18487 OPTION Serial_no Option_name Price 38994kesk039 wheel 395 38994kesk039 carpet 425 38994kesk038 wheel 435 SALE Salesperson_id Serial_no Date Sale_price
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Unformatted text preview: Bobm 38994kesk039 25-Sep-09 16995 Janef 38994kesk038 24-Sep-09 19995 Tomc 38994kesk037 24-Sep-09 20995 SALESPERSON Salesperson_id Name Phone Bobm Bob Marley 9549876543 Janec Jane Curtain 9548756985 Tomc Tom Clancy 9546587457...
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