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NEW PEDESTRIANISM - long and one really long underneath and...

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NEW PEDESTRIANISM Social Factors February 22, 2010 Michael E. Arth- Urbanism- Hercules seizes the belt of Hippolyte: - Hercules killed Hippolyte to take Ares, the war gods belt. - Some think that the resulting ecological mess is often said to be the unfathomable plan of the one great Patriarch worshipped by the followers of the three major monotheistic religions. - Ancient Roman cities were the perfect example of New Urbanism - International style- buildings made of steel, glass and concrete and ubiquitous after WWII o Automobile dominated lifestyle - He called for a new Pedestrian Village with cars accessible only in the back or underneath us and walk able area all over the “village” - MY thoughts: what if you staggered the garages having one short and one
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Unformatted text preview: long and one really long underneath and then have growth city style upwards that is only walk able too. And! What if these little bubbles of cities were connected side by side by only one little street where you park. New Urban Cowboy- documentary Toward a New Pedestrianism -about American artist and urban designer Micael E. Arth, his New Pedestrianism movement, and his efforts to rebuild the cities, beginning with “Cracktown,” an inner city slum in DeLand Florida. This 83-minute international edition—with subtitles in Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese—was re-edited from a 100-minute version that made the film festival circuit in 2007....
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