Situationism and Psychogeography

Situationism and Psychogeography - Situationism and...

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Situationism and Psychogeography Social Factors February 3 2010 -Arch has an ethical function and asks to preserve a piece of utopia -“Arch will be ethical when they leave behind he temptation to be the best social engineers.” - Ethics - “ethos” in Greek, branch of philosophy that is concerned with human conduct, more specifically the behavior of individuals in society. -It examines the rational justification for our moral judgments; it studies what is morally right or wrong, just or unjust. - AIA’s 2007 code of Ethics and Professional Conduct- -Big example you cannot call yourself an architect if you’re not registered -No credit in a design competition to someone that did work -It includes obligations to the public, client, profession, colleagues and environment -If they kicked you out you can still be a registered arch. Ethical Relativism - Moral principles are relative to some person, society or culture. Obligations and values are subjective . Ethical Absolutism
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  • Situationism, best social engineers, Ethical Relativism- Moral, Professional Conduct-Big example, present fragmented situation

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