SOCIAL EQUITY - SOCIAL EQUITY Social Factors March 3rd 2010...

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SOCIAL EQUITY Social Factors March 3 rd 2010 Social Equity- Planning efforts that pay particular attention to the needs of poor and vulnerable populations, populations also likely to suffer the burdens of racial and sexual discrimination, both institutional and personal. - Anything that has to do with people that are exploited Case Studies- Both describe how social equity of two communities affected by corporate industry? 1. Pole town- General Motors wanted to build a plant to support the working force of the community. 1980-1981. a. Cadillac plant reindustrialization plant to restore jobs but 4,200 people evicted, 1,500 homes, 16 churches, 144 business and 465 acres cleared within 8 months. i. There rational was that 6000 jobs would become available 1. But in reality only 3,000 b. Cost the CITY 300 million and happened fast. Devastated c. Why called Pole Town- well most that live there are from Poland immigrants in 1920 in search of jobs. i. Well there are very older populations that live there in the 80’s and GM believed that they couldn’t have the knowhow to fight back. d. How were they able to do this? Eminent Domain- Power that is vested in the government in the constitution which allows the government to seize private property
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SOCIAL EQUITY - SOCIAL EQUITY Social Factors March 3rd 2010...

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