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Tayler O’Dea Social Factors study Guide Part 1: Me You - Most important social factor in ENVD and are a good starting point. House Example: At age of 5, why is the drawing of a pointed roof and middle door the same across the board? Well… it is due to the innate urge to have these visions that is intrinsically inside us. -After 5, we tend to have our experiences influence us -Challenge this Design Psychology - “The practice of architecture, planning and interior design in which psychology is the principal design tool.” Nature v Nurture - are we genetically determined or learning from experiences Dr. Toby Israel - design from within, and leads clients through toolboxes of exercises to uncover this most positive experience of past places. Michael Graves - Denver Library, and designs for domestic products sold at Target whom is a influential theorist and diversified designer. “Once I went to Rome I understood arch in a different lens by looking at the role of the elements of the composition of arch all related to the human scale.” “New can get old like the rest of us.” Part 2: Environmental Design Bruce Mau Design and the institute without Boundaries - “Today’s design problems are social factors and todays social factors are today’s design problems. -He stressed energy, global mind, need for raw material, eradicating poverty, and urbanization all through the practice of design. -Massive Change -Today we are born into a new idea of the social factor’s and we have no history to fall back on. -MSNB- 9 professions that saw the most job losses- #1 Architecture Part 3: You and the Environment -we are indicative -B = f(I,E). Behavior is a function of the Individual and the Environment. Kurt Lewin, social psychologist, circa 1955. - JFK Jet Blue Terminal : an example of designers and choreographers collaborating to create environmental design - NY times - stressed the Dance and Space, where space and place are in collaborations with chorography dancing or Theater. -Not concerning objects in space but reciprocal dialogue -Ethics and Attitudes are sparked from design issues and research Snotta- glass half empty or full? “The glass isn’t the driver of our perceptions of either, life or emotions but we are”.
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Baraka -“blessing”. Non-narrative film which shows the best and worse parts of nature and human life. Environmental Cinema - like minimalism, it was a language that moderated its attention down to context and pulse. -Spans on culture space time and what they mean to each other - What is design?- Automous Art of Cultural Construction - the schism of our profession. Happiness with Psychology and Architecture - about a study of human aspects of design to make better and happier and more humane environments -A brief account in how this knowledge is taught to architecture students - IAPS - promotes research of these concerns -Instead of philosophical ways of teaching Architecture one looks at the experimental psychology. -Catering to people’s needs.
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social factors guide - Tayler ODea Social Factors study...

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