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A STREET IN BRONZEVILLE PART 2 - o Creates antiwar irony...

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A STREET IN BRONZEVILLE PART 2 GWENDOLYN BROOKS Women’s Lit April 15, 2010 The second section of the volume, consisting of the sonnet series "Gay Chaps at the Bar," deals with the unsung heroism of black soldiers during the Second World War. - The first part are short stances that tells THIS IS WHAT IS GOIN ON o Depicts the setting Political Sonnets- Political sonnet- like love they try to seduce you too. Change her ideas - Speaker is trying to charm with confidence and be the dominate role- sub-servant position with aggression - These sonnets are inspired by letters she received from Black Americans in WWII o Muted anger o A trope for the equally injurious racist at home and she displaces both the site and meaning of war and makes it a civil struggle or racism
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Unformatted text preview: o Creates antiwar irony GAY CHAPS AT THE BAR-They are seducing woman- they are soldiers that use their title as a way or tool of glory to get these woman-Tear down the propaganda of these LOVE NOTE-I. SURELY- the first of two that says love cant heal the experience of war in the case o Each line is blunt which represents the brutal truth of war overpowing love because the man is changed o War wears down and love is doubted, questioned Vey shakespherail poem- reality steps in (love and war seem glorious then is switches) Critical of the naive out look THE PROGRESS-Even if the war is won, how do we purse the social injustice?-Begins with we and ends with wild- we are all in this together but it will be a bumpy ride...
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