EMMIGRANTS - Emmigrants Womans Lit March 2nd 2010 By...

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Emmigrants Woman’s Lit March 2 nd 2010 By Charlotte Turner Smith Main audience is middle class. EMO? A sense that things aren’t right in this poem - Finance: Poverty was a big thing here, and she was broke, so sad - Married young, so sad - French revolution was during this time , so she was sad. o Jackolins vs the French transformed the revolution into the Terror, king and aristocrats are being murdered, and all around dire times. But some thought that the revolution of France was a good thing the hope was to go to England. But fear that France is waging war against England. Plot- Since she is English and this poem is to warn the English that France could oppress us and we must act because we could be immigrants. - This is universal- for the her, the French, and her people Prospect Poem - - Smith also wrote Beaches Head- essentially gives a lot of footnote detailing her knowledge about the landscape o Trying to establish that knowledge base o In both poems she is getting at a very different view of conflict o In accords of a Prospect poem- she is seeing a larger political landscape… in this case it irritates her. “The center cannot hole”- what the French held for fear upon England. o
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EMMIGRANTS - Emmigrants Womans Lit March 2nd 2010 By...

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