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MARY ROBINSON - challenged the current ways of...

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MARY ROBINSON Woman’s Lit February 24, 2010 1776- Actress at Drury Lane (playing Juliet) with David Ganick - David Ganick- got her and other women involved in women’s literature. He made a start to them in the writing and acting roles. 1779- Command Performance as Perdita in Shakespeare’s, Winter Tales. - It was during this performance that she attracted the notice of the young Prince of Wales, later King George IV of Great Britain and Ireland, who offered her twenty thousand pounds to become his mistress. - Known as the “English Sappho”- got very popular because of the affair. 1785-88- Autza Moria- Della Cruscan’s were a group that had fake names and wrote poetry that
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Unformatted text preview: challenged the current ways of society. -Robert Marry-Hannah Cowley- Mary Robinson 1792- Vicenza 1799- Lyrical Tales- play off of Lyrical Ballads-They revamped the 18 th century Poetry-Alexander Poe- He was very perfect and formal; this was the essence of the style, classical epic poetry.-Difference between Ballads and Tale is that tales are folklores to warn of danger-While Lyrical Ballads were a story about a regular hero and nothing complex. For the lower class probably. Robinson was very good about manipulating the public after she got famous She lined Boxes with mirrors to see her performances, and so others could see her when she had sex....
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