ORONOKO - ORONOKO Womans Lit Aphra Behn 1648-1680 English...

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ORONOKO Woman’s Lit Jan 21 2010 Aphra Behn- 1648-1680 English dramatist, poet; first Englishwoman paid author. The prince, who has gotten to know Behn while he is a slave in Guiana and she is a sympathetic listener, tells her his story. -Royalist and very Stewart so neutral to the circumstance -She uses sentimental prose to provoke action upon Slavery and introduces a culture and belief that novel and reality are meshed in your heart. She was very influential for the slavery debate. Background- Novella in 1688. In 1639, Execution of Charles I. 1640-1660 Commonwealth of Cromwell and the Glorious Revolution -This was when the overthrow of King James II of England by Parlimentaries with invading Dutch Army and William of Orange . Very peaceful change of old Stewarts and New World Americas. -Africa during this time was a Monarchy -Grandfather was the King that was ruthless as he sent all his boys off to war to protect his thrown. -This world also had slavery but slaves of war not stolen people. Oroonoko - Royal Slave, but it claims to be a memoir and travel narrative (of Behn's years in the colony of "Surinam," later called Dutch Guiana), as well as the biography of Oroonoko
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ORONOKO - ORONOKO Womans Lit Aphra Behn 1648-1680 English...

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