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ROBINSON’S LONDON SUMMER MORNING Woman’s Lit February 24, 2010 Who has not waked to list the busy sounds Of summer's morning, in the sultry smoke Of noisy London? On the pavement hot The sooty chimney-boy, with dingy face And tatter'd covering, shrilly bawls his trade, Rousing the sleepy housemaid. At the door The milk-pail rattles, and the tinkling bell Proclaims the dustman's office; while the street Is lost in clouds impervious. Now begins The din of hackney-coaches, waggons, carts; While tinmen's shops, and noisy trunk-makers, Knife-grinders, coopers, squeaking cork-cutters, Fruit barrows, and the hunger-giving cries Of vegetable venders, fill the air. Now every shop displays its varied trade, And the fresh-sprinkled pavement cools the feet Of early walkers. At the private door The ruddy housemaid twirls the busy mop, Annoying the smart 'prentice, or neat girl, Tripping with band-box lightly. Now the sun Darts burning splendour on the glittering pane, Save where the canvas awning throws a shade
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