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SIMON DE BEAUVOIR, THE 2 ND SEX Woman’s Lit January 13, 2010 Simon de Beauvoir - French writer who married John Paul Sautra- extentalist philosopher who believed in the pragmatic being in this world -She speaks about what the problems of woman in this world. - Author rejects writing about woman Somniferous- sleep inducing Trotskyite- one who is orthodox Marxist- communism What is a woman to de Beauvoir?- Represented as negative - “She thinks with her glands” - “Man can think for himself, women can’t think without a man” Sprouts the Category of the Other- a duality through history of separation of man and woman Proletariat- Social class of those who work - Woman are a class of their own Master/Slave theory- By Heagle where you need slaves and need masters for supplies and support - To break this you must have consciousness and awareness of the fact that this exists - Woman don’t assume a subjective attitude because they lack concrete means for
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Unformatted text preview: organizing themselves into a unit which can stand faced to the man (correlative unit).-But she is the other but the two are necessary to each other o The male is dependent on her sex o Woman is a slave then? To refuse than they give up alliance and safety from the superior caste Don’t give in St. Augustine- Woman is a creature not decisive or constant.-Men restrain woman’s liberty as they are a dangerous competitor Hermaphrodite?- An angle to conclude the two. Prymatic problem- writing about women has not changed and we cant talk about it in real terms but only the essence.-There is still inequalility today Complicitous/minorities- but woman are different than minorities because minorities they have groups and sense of belonging.-Woman don’t have this are separate and dependant -It’s like there is too many of them to form a community for support....
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