THE MISSIONARY BOOK 2 - The Missionary Book 2 Woman’s...

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Unformatted text preview: The Missionary Book 2 Woman’s Literature Book 2 is all about love while book 1 is more about “I’m right and your wrong”.- Book 2 is very charismatic and you feel something in his image that leads us to see his importance and give in. Pundit- not a major seen in the book but a pivotal figure and makes things happen- Not a straight up Hindu and married to a jaw and he is on Hilarions side because of survival and hopes for rebellion- potential change- The radical- hints how to conquer the cashmere priestess P109- East and West- juxtaposing the two religions with east being Luxima and west being the missionary- Construction parallels with Simon DeBouviour’s the other sex where the women is the dominant in the east and make is more dominant in the west o Here it figures the make Christianity is the “other” o Ex: Zeal and Enthusiastic o National and Natural P112- Touch- when he toches Luxima, she becomes couirous and thinking in a new way because she was never touched before and Luxima here is believeing the missionary of being evil with emphasis in...
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THE MISSIONARY BOOK 2 - The Missionary Book 2 Woman’s...

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