ARTS AND CRAFT MOVEMENT - -Architecture had a moral effect...

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ARTS AND CRAFT MOVEMENT ENVD 1004 March 1 st 2010 The arts and craft movement- - was a British, Canadian, Australian and American design movement that flourished between 1880 and 1910. It was instigated by the artist and writer William Morris in the 1860s and was inspired by the writings of John Ruskin . It influenced architecture, domestic design and the decorative arts, using simple forms and a medieval style of decoration. It advocated truth to materials, traditional craftsmanship and economic reform. - Initiated by the School of Design and went away from the Victorian , soulless era that was from the machine production of the Industrial Revolution. - Included gothic styles that had these characteristics, o Repetition o equivalency o Verticality o Elongation o Asymmetry o Heterogeneity o Sensuality - Very decorative and rebelled against the Victorian, European age and began US’s new style. - Used Functionalism simplicity and honesty Lubbisk triangle John Ruskin - social thinker and remembered as a poet
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Unformatted text preview: -Architecture had a moral effect Nature of the Gothic- more different than the Victorian -A lot of fancy materials Grand Canyon- where the rail road could now reach gave a future for Harvy Houses- designed by Colter for Fred Harvey Co.-Series of landmark hotels and commercial lodges through the southwest (La Posada)-These homes and hotels were along the Santa Fe Railway -Used pretty girls to attract the tourist. Mary Jane Colter Her building used the where u are, what materials are used and the culture that is involved.-First person to work in Mexican park style that southwester type -Began the facto model for subsequent National Park Service and CCC structures Video Mary Jane Colter- born in St. Paul Minnesota, short dark hair with blue eyes in 1869 Masterwork was the EL Navajo The Hoppi House was what got her famous THE WATCH TOWER Way of working with stone and shadows...
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ARTS AND CRAFT MOVEMENT - -Architecture had a moral effect...

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