HABITS OF MIND - -Who is paying for this Jean Prouve-...

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HABITS OF MIND ENVD 1004 April 08, 2010 Support good habits for design - Start from basics Ernst Cassirer- Le Corbusier- Architecture is a habit of mind not a profession What constitutes Good work- provides necessary and useful goods and services and thoroughness - Allows us to do so in service to and in cooperation and collaboration. Samuel Mockbee- co-founder of Auburn University Rural Studio in Alabama - Used parts in the junk yard and other stuff to build affordable housing - Art should serve both the poor and the rich - Buildings designed and built by students - Often combine vernacular architecture with modernist forms - Only Architect that got MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant - The first house, built using straw bales - A community building used material like concrete cinderblocks
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Unformatted text preview: -Who is paying for this Jean Prouve- French metal worker and designer-Main achievement was transferring manufacturing tech from industry to architecture, without losing aesthetic qualities-First he produced furniture- built Maxeville factory-o Extensive architectural research on the uses of aluminum o Industrial buildings from aluminum and sent hundreds (sheds) to Africa o Style is metal furniture and is set apart from the Bauhaus steel furniture of the time by his rejection of the steel tube technique-His house- built by leftovers o Used Meter length panels Bedrooms were 2 by 3 meters sized -Used unorthodox pieces to create design to support the underprivileged...
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HABITS OF MIND - -Who is paying for this Jean Prouve-...

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