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LANDSCAPE ENVD 1004 March 18 th 2010 Landscape garden tradition- we experience the landscape by walking through it - Thoreau- “we need to walk in woods and in fields” - Mall- a hall way really where u play this game. - Garden- structured ways of walking 30 minutes a day 5 days a week Walking in nature- Dorothy and Wordsworth - In England no such thing as a natural landscape Pope- all gardening is painting the landscape Walpole- poetry, painting and gardening were the important thing - Pleasure grounds and landscape pretty - People then made landscapes appealing plains- foreground, middle ground and background= to imagine that all that property is mine HAHA- ditch that a slope down then fenced so sheep wouldn’t go pass but would still be able to look at a distance and not see the fence.
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Unformatted text preview: Penelope Keith- on Lancelot Capability Brown-English landscape architect- said you had taste and extremely wealthy -He is remembered as the last of the great English eighteenth century artists to be accorded his due. -English’s greatest gardener- designed over 170 parks -His landscapes were at the forefront of fashion- they were different from what they replaced -His style of smooth undulating grass, which would run straight to the house, clumps, belts and scattering of trees and his serpentine lakes formed by invisibly damming small rivers, were a new style within the English landscape, a "gardenless" form of landscape gardening, which swept away almost all the remnants of previous formally patterned styles....
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