SUBURIA - o I hate it Douglas County- was the fastest...

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SUBURIA ENVD 1004 April 13, 2010 Suburb- usually referring to a residential area is defined in various different ways around the world. They can be the residential areas of a large city, or separate residential communities within commuting distance of a city. - Modern suburbs grew in the 20th century as a result of improved road and rail transport and an increase in commuting. Suburbs tend to proliferate around cities which ideally have an abundance of adjacent flat land. Development of the suburbs - The sprawl began from the car and the job where the husband went to work and then came home - While suburbs had originated far earlier; the suburban population in North America exploded during the post WWII economic expansion. Returning veterans wishing to start a settled life moved en masse to the suburbs. - Women Economic book- about the role of the wife
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Unformatted text preview: o I hate it Douglas County- was the fastest growing suburbia in the US in the last 5 years-Windser is now I think The Experience presents Suburbia- problems of the modern city and its current development Cowboys and Sprawl- wide open space is now being demolished-Just now it is faster than ever because the drawings are the same and the same house repeated over and over again. -Highlands Ranch- 350,000 housing residents with this same idea and same drawings o Lonely because of the cars and the areas for shopping and living really are so far away there is no connection to the neighbors or others around them-Costs: the pollution from cars-Costs: the inner city is neglected. -Land Trusts- sets land aside to be untouched-New Urbanism- approach with a neighborhood...
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