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VITRUVIUS AND THE LITTLE HOUSE ENVD 1004 February 11, 2010 Renin and ph-chi-i: two huts in the east - the world is ours is a creation of the mind. When the mind is not happy where ever we are is negative. These were two poets that described the simplicity of the hut in the wilderness from the city. These two paralleled Vitruvius way of his hut and his purpose for it. - Renin formed his hut based on his size like a snail in his home. - Po-chi-I formed his hut based on the natural location. He is content because the waterfall behind him. -Noka- Little house in Chinese. -Nachaia- Little house in the country. -Finally led to the Japanese Tea House with Tea house - was a small home for one. It made everyone equal when entering. - Had a tatamai- floor plan or map or mat to instruct. All rooms and places are constructed by this - Ideal dimension was 10ft by 10ft Sugimoto house- was old town house “machiya”, business in the front then social area, then resting in the
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Unformatted text preview: back. -VIDEO: Forget Western Architecture and walls and rooms were not for complete purpose or size. Primitive hut-In thinking of why we build and what we build for the primitive hut retains its validity as a reminder of the original design. -in times of crisis, arch returns to the contemplation of the hut. -Hugely power image. -Idicular- Little house, a story like Renin in which we seek in the hut is the end of perfection where it keeps us. -The Roof-Sir Henry Wotton- and the roof is what makes the rest of the design really and pull everything together-The roof stands upon the foundation and the roof is the very reason that we build and the foundations hold it up. It is important to note that one cannot have a foundation without a roof and one cannot roof without foundations. Albert Frey- Architecture was really simple. 3 things 1) Roof 2) Platform- or the seat 3) Walls- one transparent, one that is not...
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