BUREAUCRATS - BUREAUCRATS American Political System...

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BUREAUCRATS American Political System 11/18/2010 The Bureaucrats: Examples: James Bond, Author Weesley, Cornellous Fudge. Federal Researv: Ben Branackie Alan C Greenspan Definition of Bureaucracy: - There are many - Contains Key Elements: an hierarchical chain of command (clear lines of authority from top to bottom) - Division of labor and specialization - Impersonal rules and merit based decision making The Roots and Development of the Federal Bureaucracy - Constitutionally ambiguous branch of government - Neither the President, Congress or Courts have total control. Each has significant and overlapping degree of influence over bureaucratic functions - In 1789 Washington headed a federal bureaucracy of three departments o State war and treasurey - The fed has greown as needs arose right now there are like 16 or so departments - After the Civil war we had a small gov. o The war permanently changed the nature of the federal bureaucracy o Thousands of employees were added in order to mount the war effort o When it ends demands on the gov continue to grow. The gov needed to pay pensions
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BUREAUCRATS - BUREAUCRATS American Political System...

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