FEDERALISM - FEDERALISM American Political System 9/14/10...

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FEDERALISM American Political System 9/14/10 Federalism: is a political system in which power is divided and shared between the national central government and the states (regional units) in order to limit the power of government. 2008: changed the world again, all democratic policy, dem president, dem congress. There used to be more governments before: because school districts, these did get deleted and washed because now more are economically efficient. Powers of Government in the Federal System - The Distribution of powers in the federal system consists of several parts o Exclusive powers Articles 1 section 8 Also called the Enumerated Powers o Shared Concurrent powers: shared by both state and federal powers o Denied powers Articles 1 section 10 o Implied powers Elastic Clause Articles… Relation among the states - The Framers wanted a single country not 13 semi-country states - Article 5 requires states to give full faith and credit to each others laws. o Banking o Contracts o Driver’s Licenses What about if your out of state, can you still drive? YES! We have an agreement of full credit given to other states drivers licenses o Marriage Full faith and credit has always been given however now, there is difficulty defining marriage as being one man and one woman Some states has passed laws allowing same-sex marriage Well what happens when they come to Colorado, are they still married? National level, some states are for defense of marriage act but some are pushing for a national level change to the constitution amendment’ o States are also required to extradite criminals if asked by another state. JonBenet Ramsey case: perfect example of inter-state cooperation on a national
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FEDERALISM - FEDERALISM American Political System 9/14/10...

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