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STUDY GUIDE FOR FIRST 9/27/10 Go over chapters one through four. Multiple choice, short answer, and matching 50-60 questions A POLITICAL “DEBATE” AMERICAN POLITICAL SYSTEM A political Debate: A. Nuke the Rich B. The Rich Pay for the Nukes A. We All Pay for the Nukes (Fool) B. Who Pays More? (Idiot) A. Feed the Poor B. Fuck the Poor The question of this debate or the concern is that is it right to separate our nation into red and blue or extreme positions Can we improve on the quality of this debate? YES Do This by: What are the facts? What is the logic or philosophy behind A’s position or B’s? How might we think about the problem of control of weapons of mass destruction? This leads to: Politics- Who gets what, when and how… By Harold Lasswell (1935) - Who b en efits and what do we win in the process of d et er mining allocation of our resources. - Basic the m e Lasswell used, “who says what to who m in what chann el for what effect?” In political science this is his version. Redistribute of Politics : Sometimes Politics involve redistribution of power or welfare in society. This is most likely why politics is such a tender and vital conversation. - Redistribute of tax, from one group and give to a nother Distribute of Politics : Win Win situation: Voter wants I want it all Politian will give it all. This is unrealistic. This is contrary to Redistribution of Politics, but Distribution of Politics is often Redistribution of Politics in disguise, because it is unrealistic because somebody has to pay for it. - It is ben efits vs cost (in regards to d eficit spending), when you h ave to - Death Tax: the govern m ent takes m on ey from the parents when they die a nd p ass it on to the children. o Is this right? The Rules : - In order to play who g ets what, when and how… we play by the rules - Rules : Directives that determine how resources are allocated and how collective action takes place. - It is the How in the Politic d efinition. - Multiple Levels or sets of rules: o Constitutions
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o Statutory Laws o Administrative Regulations- like CU and there rules The Institutions - There are the  where  in the definition. - Institutions : Organizations within which governmental power is exercised.  Rules and Institutions are endogenous: Rules create Institutions and Institutions establish rules. They  cause one another.  Political Actors in positions within the Institutions President Members of Congress: huge debate about the institution itself or the people in charge.  o These two entities are strongly enacted within Politics and must make a distinction between the action or the public policy or the way the action or public policy was created. Supreme Court Justice
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