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THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT The American political system 11/11/2010 Roots of the office of the president of the US - With the failure of the articles the framers needed a strong executive officer but not as strong with an over immensity of power like a king The Philadelphia Convention Terms: - The length of the presidents term was quite controversial - Four seven and eleven year terms were suggested at the convention - Several of the framers suggested…. Aside: 2 term limit a tradition established by George Washington - 1940 FDR elected for a third term despite some concerns - The 22 nd Amendment now limits presidents to two four year or a total of 10 years in office. - Again was a balance to not be a king - “NO CROWN FOR FRANKLIN” Quals for Office - The constitution requires that the president must be - 35 - 14 years US resident - A natural Born Citizen Aside: Arnold for President - Demolition Man takes place in the year 2026. As Bullock attempts to bring
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  • Pyatt
  • President of the United States, natural born citizen, American president, certain enumerated powers, strong executive officer

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