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Psych Notes Ch. 2

Psych Notes Ch. 2 - C h 2 The Brain and Behavior...

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Ch. 2: The Brain and Behavior Communication with the brain: Neuron : cell in nervous system that receives, integrates, amd transmits information o Come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes Parts of the Neuron Dendrites : receive messages from other neurons Soma : cell body Cell Nucleus : Life support of neuron Axon : long thin fiber that transmits signals Myelin sheath : insulating material that coats axons and speeds transmission of info Terminal buttons : small knobs that secrete neurotransmitters to transmit the neuron’s message to next neuron Synapse : junction between neurons where info is transmitted from one neuron to another How does a neuron transmit info? Action potential travels down axon to terminal buttons o Action potential: brief electrical charge When action potential reaches terminal fibers, they release neurotransmitters o Neurotransmitters: chemical messengers released from terminal branches that travel across synapse to stick to dendrites of other neurons. When enough neurotransmitters bind to receptor sites on the next neuron’s dendrites, it causes the neuron to fire o This is an “all or nothing” phenomenon (once it gets enough neurotransmitters it WILL fire) Neurotransmitters (pg. 48 and 49)
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Several types, each with specialized functions- DO NOT need to know every type and what it does for exam o Receptors on dendrites are specialized: only certain neurotransmitters can bind to them Reuptake : the process of reabsorbing unused neurotransmitters Agonists : chemical that mimics action of neurotransmitters causing similar affects o Example: Morphine Antagonists : chemical that opposes the actions of a neurotransmitter o Drugs that block the release of neurotransmitters o Example: Botox Other cells in the brain? Glia cells
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Psych Notes Ch. 2 - C h 2 The Brain and Behavior...

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